How is Zeus in One Piece & How strong is Zeus?

In the recapture of Mr. Sanji, I was informed that the power of the Shimbun Big Mom was very strong. And not only a powerful force, but a very strong lower part appeared. What is the bottom? Homey Thundercloud Zeus, Sun Prometheus, and Napoleon with a square hat. Luffy and others were distressed by the Big Mom Pirates, but they were also distressed by the lower part of Big Mom!! There are three lower parts that afflicted Luffy and others, but there was a lower part (a servant) who betrays the main, Big Mom! Below that is the thundercloud, Zeus. Zeus, in a certain way, became the lower part (servant) of Nami, a companion to Luffy. Why did Zeus betray the Big Mom and become the lower part (servant) of Nami? In this issue, I would like to introduce you to Thundercloud Zeus and the reason why it became the lower part (servant) of Nami.

[One Piece] What is Big Cum Homy’s?

Before I introduce Thousand Clouds Zeus, I would like to introduce Big Mom’s Homies. The Homizu, capabilities of Big Mom (Lingling), in real Sorusoru, harboring the soul to the inorganic and trees and the sun and clouds that do not have a life, life forms that can speak have the intention was born ..

That is Homeies. Homeies are the creatures that never defy the main, Big Mom. It does not resist or attack anyone with a Big Mom bible card. Homeies have their weaknesses. The weak point is the music that beats the soul of one of Luffy’s friends, Soul King Brook. When I listened to the music, it had an influence and in the original work, I was drawn to a very disliked place! Introducing the homeies created by Big Mom. Homies Crane Knight Randolph Noble crocodile Nitro & Rabyan King balm Temptation forest trees and flowers Candy homes Homeies such as rainbows and mountains High waves also homeies The above is the homeies created by Big Mom.

[One Piece] Three special homeies

I introduced the homeies, but there are also special homeies. That is the lower part (servant) of Big Mom . I would like to introduce you from now on!

Sun prometheus

The material is Homy’s, which was born from flames, and is on the right-hand side of the main Big Mom, who protects it. Homeies who always escort even when the Lord is sleeping. It turns out that Brook’s music doesn’t work either.

Thundercloud Zeus

The material is hommies made of a thundercloud . It always protects the left-hand side of Big Mom. When the Lord’s Big Mom is sleeping, it seems that Prometheus is in escort. Like Prometheus, Brook’s abilities do not work.

Napoleon in a dihedral hat

The material is homemade from a hat. It is a pirate hat of the main Big Mom, but in battle, it will change from a hat to a sword! Like Zeus and Prometheus, Brook’s ability doesn’t work. The above is the introduction of special homes made to protect the Big Mom.


[One Piece] What kind of character is Zeus?

Zeus usually has a very laid-back and self-paced personality, but when it comes to combat, he turns into a jet-black and laughing face, and with a very creepy smile, he attacks thunders at the enemy. Zeus at the time of battle is very cruel because he is attacking because he thinks that the enemy will not die and it will not be done! Zeus, the alter ego of the Big Mom, is a very gluttonous person, and when he sees his favorite Thundercloud, he forgets his mission and eats, so Prometheus is angry at some places! Basically, if you do not offend Zeus, Homies has a very relaxing personality !!

[One Piece] The power of Zeus who controls lightning

The sky god, Gott Enel, who has the ability to control lightning, has appeared, but Zeus is also a homey who also controls lightning. The name comes from the mythical deity Zeus. Although Enel and Zeus are manipulating lightning, Zeus is expected to have higher destructive power !! Because Zeus is a homie made by putting the soul of Mumu (Rinrin) in it, and since Mumu itself can also control the weather, if Mumu’s power and Zeus thunder are combined, it can burn up the entire universe. it might be. Zeus, which appears in mythology, is said to have the ability to burn up the entire universe, so it is expected that Zeus created by Mumm will be the same!! Zeus can of course rain, but it can also rain candy, which is candy. I’m a candy lover, and I was made from mamu, so this ability may have been added.

[One Piece] Big Cum on Zeus

Zeus has special abilities besides the ability to cause lightning and rain. It can fly in the sky with a huge body mum! In the original work, a place flying a mum is depicted. The painting is the same as the muscle cloud that appears in the cartoon Dragon Ball. Zeus is also a homey who has a role not only to protect the Mom but also to carry the Lord. Isn’t Zeus the only one who can support and carry Mom’s weight?

[One Piece] Before becoming a servant of Nami!?

In the recapture of Mr. Sanji, Zeus betrayed Mom and became the bottom of Nami. It eats the thundercloud created by Nami, and it turns out that it is much better than the thundercloud that he usually eats, and Zeus hears what Nami says, but he is scolded by Prometheus and he is in his original mission. , I went back and attacked Nami with thunder, but it was weakened by Brook’s technique, and I told Nami, ” You got me wrong… ” ” I told you I’d be another friend. not to, “I’ll hear it again …! “,” become my servant? “or die? “and was told Zeus, in the immediate answer without time to choose, it becomes the lower to Nami and says! When the Lord’s mom gets angry, I’m scared, but Nami, who doesn’t know what to do when he gets angry, is more scared.

[One Piece] What is Nami & Zeus’s attacking compatibility?

How does Zeus, who became the servant of Nami, react with Nami? Mom is the four emperors who can control the weather! Nami is also a woman who can control the weather! I think that the power of thunder is higher on Mam, but if Nami wakes up with the ancient weapon Uranus, he can hit lightning that exceeds Mam! If that happens, you may be able to control Zeus completely. The combination of Zeus and Nami is not drawn, but may it be drawn when the time comes? I want to see it soon!

[One Piece] Did Big Mom come back to get Zeus?

Zeus, the servant of Nami, came from Toddland to Wano. Zeus does not think he has betrayed the Lord’s mum. You might think so because it is Zeus’s personality. However, Mumu boarded into Wano to regain Zeus, which he made with his own soul. However, in Onigashima, he seems to have forgotten about Zeus by colliding with Kaido! Will Zeus not have to be offended by Mom? Or will it become Nami’s servant? Expected to become clear depending on future developments!!


So far, I have introduced about Zeus. You know that Zeus is a special homey made of Mom’s soul! Will Zeus become Nami’s servant without returning to Mom? And it looks like Nami is using Zeus’s power soon!! I want Dr. Oda to draw that place quickly!

[One Piece] An elephant Zunisha that wanders for 1000 years! A kingdom on a phantom island? Why keep walking in the ocean?

It was from the island of Elephant that Luffy and Momosuke decided to defeat Kaido, the Emperor of the Emperor, and set the goal of becoming Wano. The elephant island is said to be a phantom island, and it is impossible to reach it even with log pos that shows the course of the ship. It’s called Elephant Island, but it has a name.

The name is Zunisha! Zunisha is an island that appeared after the Dress Rosa edition. From there, I entered the Mamu edition and the Wano Kuni edition, and since then, they have not appeared and will not appear in the talk. I feel that it will appear when the current edition of Wano is over. This time, I would like to introduce Zunisha as a review.

[One Piece] A giant elephant that keeps walking

As I told you at the beginning, Zunisha is an elephant island that you can’t reach even if you have a logging port. So why?

If you say that you can’t reach it, Zunisha cannot reach because you are a living elephant and are constantly moving and walking in the sea. If it is an ordinary island, it does not move, so Logporte shows the position of the island, but Zunisha keeps walking and can not confirm the position and place. Therefore, log pos is useless . Luffy has arrived at Zunisha!

However, Luffy and his friends were able to get to the island of elephants because they had a mink Bepo bible card . And why is Jack, a subordinate of Kaidou, following the thundering elephant to the island of Elephant? Were you able to get there? Regarding that, Kangjuro was an insider on the Orochi side, and all the information was conveyed, so Jack was able to land on the elephant island.

[One Piece] What is the size of Zunisha?

In the middle of Zunisha’s back is the Mokomo Kingdom, a Mink country where Bepo and Carrots live. There is an outer wall around it so that the enemy can protect it to some extent even if they attack. In addition, the Mink King Duke Inuarasi patrols the country from 6 am to evening, and from the evening, the cat beetle’s husband patrols until 6 am. At one time, they were close friends, but because they couldn’t protect the main Otsuki Oden, they became a quarrel, and now they are taking turns looking around. There are many beautiful green plants in the Kingdom of Mokomo. There are no rivers around! So, how do you get water? Zunisha sucks seawater with his nose, launches it into the sky, and makes it rain. But it’s saltwater, so the plants will die? Some people think that. In the world, there are “mangroves” that grow in saltwater. The plants in the Kingdom of Mokomo are also expected to grow in the water! Did the Mink build a country on the back of the elephant? This is the only mystery! It seems that Zunisha and Mink have a deep relationship. It will become clear as the talk progresses.

[One Piece] Who could hear Zunisha’s voice?

Some people heard a voice when Zunisha spoke to him. It ‘s Luffy and Momo’s help. Luffy was the family who inherited the name of D and could hear the voices of all things, so I could hear Zunisha’s voice. Roger can hear the voices of all things, so I think he heard Zunesha’s voice when he visited the Kingdom of Mokomo. What is strange is that Momo’s assistant, who is not a member of the D family, can not only hear Zunesha’s voice but also speak to Zunesha. I thought it was only Roger and Luffy who could hear the voices of the Kings, but there was also the mermaid princess Shirahoshi. Shirahoshi can speak as well as the voices of the sea kings. Momo’s assistant has the same power as Shirahoshi, so I think I was able to talk to Zunisha.

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[One Piece] What is the reason why Zunisha keeps walking in the sea?

Zunisha keeps walking all along the sea. I don’t like to keep walking! Then why? When it comes to walking, Znysha became an elephant who was only allowed to walk as a cross because he sinned so much in ancient times. Since they are only allowed to walk, isn’t it an elephant that can survive without eating food? And it is not clear yet what sin was committed. Since he can only walk, he must have committed a very serious sin. This is expected, but Zunisha is an elephant that has been alive for 1000 years.

Thousands ago, there was a kingdom in which the D clan lived. Isn’t Zunisha the elephant who served the D family? And the war of D’s clan and the world government (Goryo, I’m) caused the world clan to destroy the clan of D, and Zunisha walks forever, dying for death against the world’s government. Isn’t it an elephant that continues? It’s just my expectation, so I’m not saying this is correct! I feel that it is close to this. I wonder if Zunisha will be guilty of any crimes at the earliest after the battle against Kaido and Orochi has ended.

[One Piece] The relationship between Momosuke and Zunisha

The detailed relationship between Momo’s assistant and Zunisha has not yet been clarified. However, Momo’s assistant is not limited to Zunisha’s voice and must not fall to Zunisha! fight! I issued an instruction. Isn’t it possible that Momo’s assistant has a mysterious power to control Zunisha? I think. Even during the work, Emon Nishiki tells me that Momo’s assistant has a mysterious power. Perhaps the mysterious power that Nishinemon said was the power to control Zunisha. Momosuke’s father, Mitsutsuki Oden, was able to read the pone glyph.

However, his son Momosuke couldn’t read Ponegriff. And when Oden visited the island of Elephant, he couldn’t hear Zunesha’s voice. I think it has something to do with what your son can hear and your parents can’t hear. It is expected that the mother, Toki Aki, had some mysterious power besides the ability of the devil’s fruit! I think that the power of Mitsutsuki and the power of Heaven are combined to create a mysterious power to help Momo.


[One Piece] Is Zunisha an entity that protects Pone Glyphs?

In the New World, there are four Lord Pone Glyphs. One is owned by the Big Emperor Shimbun (Charlotte Linlin). The second one is Kaido, the four hundred beasts. The third is in the Mokmo kingdom (Zunisha’s back), a Mink country. The fourth is said to be somewhere in the New World. When the four Lord Pone Glyphs come together, it is said that the road to Raftel, which Roger had been doing, will be opened.

And Zunisha told me that Zunisha sinned and keeps walking, but I think there is another reason. It is the Ponegurifu, I continue to walk to observe from the outside I think. To reach Elephant Island, it is impossible to reach it unless you are a Mink or have a Mink Bible Card! If you know how to get to Raftel, the world government will be in trouble! Therefore, I expected that I would continue to walk with Pone Glyphs attached to the elephant island while giving Zunisha across.

[One Piece] What is Zunisha’s theory of ancient weapons?

In the world of Luffy, there are three ancient weapons that are said to have the power to destroy the world. First, the mermaid princess Shirahoshi is known as an ancient weapon, Poseidon. Second, it is said that Nami, a navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, is the ancient weapon Uranus. The reason is that you can control the weather. Third, it is said that Princess Bibi of the Kingdom of Alabasta is an ancient weapon, Pluton. Platon’s pone glyphs are found in Alabasta. But Bibi has no power to destroy the world. Bibi affirms that there is no theory that it is Pluton. In, pluton is to say where it is off, or Zunisha is not a pluton I think. Zunisha sank Jack’s gigantic ship into the sea, swinging his nose down in half. That destructive power is an ancient weapon! Only Momo’s assistant can give instructions. Zunisha claims to be an ancient weapon. In fact, I’m a teacher who likes the theory, so I want to announce that Zunisha was an ancient weapon.


Up to this point, I have introduced Zunisha. Zunisha will not appear because it is exciting in Wano Kuni, Onigashima, but if Kaido and Orochi are successfully defeated, Zunisha will appear again!

Even if the Wano country edition is completed, the relationship between Kogetsu and Momo will continue. And I wonder if Zunisha will reveal the sins and the mysterious power of Momo’s help. Please look forward to the mystery!