Perry Mason returns to HBO and does it in style

Perry Mason returns in a luxurious, gloomy and at times, version of excruciating toughness. The HBO production pays tribute to the classic 1960s series and Erle Stanley Gardner’s well-known crime novels.

When HBO announced the return of Perry Mason there were doubts about the production’s ability to honor writer Erle Stanley Gardner’s famous book series that includes the character.

But the HBO version does both, and it also reflects brilliantly on the perception of contemporary evil. All through a noir aesthetic that does not hide its heritage of the genre and a frenetic rhythm that give the series its best moments. For better or for worse, the new version of Perry Mason is ready to explore the evil, elegant and sophisticated background of his character and he does it with good skill, precision and an ingenious script that make the series into a rare mixture of procedural with something more bitter and strange.

Of course, from the first scene (bloody, graphic and hard) it is evident that Perry Mason tries to build a version of the criminal underworld from the fearsome. And it does so with much more interest in emulating the universe of the book than that of the Raymond Burr series; Known for her impeccable sense of consistency and a script based on the character’s ability for legal litigation.


Return of HBO Show – Perry Mason

A dark version of Perry Mason

The HBO version is, in fact, an origin story that strips Mason of his stylized air and gives him a dark and painful background, which has a lot with the noir cinema of the golden age of Hollywood, although with a much more rhythm Worldly and less artificial than any of the great classics of the genre on the big screen.

The series shows the most disturbing and violent places in Los Angeles after the Great Depression. And it does so through the simple and well-constructed resource of asking questions about the character’s invisible background and undisclosed motivations. The setting, combined with impeccable setting and neat staging , make Perry Mason more than just a lucky and curious experiment, amid today’s TV offering.


Through mysterious places

As one might suppose, the Mason for a new generation is a hybrid between the antihero in use and a formidable investigator who must battle with his demons in a constant search for meaning in his decisions.

Does that sound familiar to you? Perhaps it is because the character is the umpteenth incarnation of the tormented detective, who for the occasion must also endure the rigors of an ambiguous moral code to deal with violence.

But although the script does not touch especially new themes or original twists, it does manage to sustain the proposal with some intelligent decisions that make this broken and afflicted man an effective resource to reflect on the moral hypocrisy of his time.

Perry Mason is a man heartbroken by a turbulent divorce, an alcoholism he barely overcomes, and the pressure to escape the consequences of a particularly dark moment in his life.

Matthew Rhys ( A Good Day in the Neighborhood ) gives his character three-dimensionality and does so through the actor’s conscious ability to bring a defined personality to one of the most famous detectives on television.

The weight of everything

Mason has tics, a tense and overwhelmed expression, but also, sustains the show that bears his name with an energy that has a definite relationship with the way the plot breaks the story down. In less skillful hands, this Perry Mason in a hat and cascading voice would have been a traditional cliche, but thanks to Rhys it is intriguing and mysterious.

When the case that the character is dealing with becomes a media event, the series makes its intentions clear: it is a tasteful procedure that analyzes the loopholes of the law, crime and the gray spaces between both things carefully. Perry Mason is the most visible piece of a complicated and well-built mechanism, which reflects on the culture of violence, the connotation of the law as a paradigm, but which in the end is based on the integrity of the men he follows closely. fierce.

Of course, a vintage narrative is riddled with platitudes and Perry Mason is no exception: there are tense expressions under brimmed hats, lots of characters smoking cigarettes while mysteriously whispering, and incomplete conversations, all in the midst of a fauna of gray suits of good cut that reflect a more elegant and simple time. Perhaps for that reason, it seems that the program is taken too seriously and is excessively severe, for the way that today reflects on the world of law and its unknown little twists and turns.

But in reality, Perry Mason is an atypical product of enormous energy and intelligence, which intersperses classic shots with something more elaborate and based on a look at the criminal act, very similar to that of small-scale trauma.

Rhys’s Mason is an intuitive investigator, who has an eye for mysteries and who also shows his human side with a certain reserve, like the lonely and anguished man he is. But the series is not limited to showing only the mental torments and pessimism of his character, survivor of the Great Depression and a country in ruins.

Cunningly, the character reflects on the dark moments of the nation under the auspices of a certain aspiration to something greater than his own personal pains. And it is there, where the series triumphs: without departing from its fatalistic and slightly sinister sense, the plot is able to emphasize the idea of ​​redemption and also do it with a good pulse.


With Hollywood behind

It is interesting that the series raises the existence of Hollywood in the background: despite the proximity of the plot’s motor center, the plot takes special care that the idea that the mecca of the seventh art is a tangential element around the true plot knot. Perhaps for the first time in a long time, the mere eloquence of the film world and its fascinating background is not of immediate interest to an argument in which he might be. One of Perry Mason’s triumphs is being more interested in the periphery of a radiant universe, than in its center and perhaps, it is that combination of chiaroscuro, what best defines the series as a television product.

With his hints of the blackest sense of humor – paying attention to Mason’s visit to the morgue – and his dynamic journey into the dark, Perry Mason promises to become a low-key event amidst the spectacular nature of the season series. Quite a feat for a show of its sober character.

How is Zeus in One Piece & How strong is Zeus?

In the recapture of Mr. Sanji, I was informed that the power of the Shimbun Big Mom was very strong. And not only a powerful force, but a very strong lower part appeared. What is the bottom? Homey Thundercloud Zeus, Sun Prometheus, and Napoleon with a square hat. Luffy and others were distressed by the Big Mom Pirates, but they were also distressed by the lower part of Big Mom!! There are three lower parts that afflicted Luffy and others, but there was a lower part (a servant) who betrays the main, Big Mom! Below that is the thundercloud, Zeus. Zeus, in a certain way, became the lower part (servant) of Nami, a companion to Luffy. Why did Zeus betray the Big Mom and become the lower part (servant) of Nami? In this issue, I would like to introduce you to Thundercloud Zeus and the reason why it became the lower part (servant) of Nami.

[One Piece] What is Big Cum Homy’s?

Before I introduce Thousand Clouds Zeus, I would like to introduce Big Mom’s Homies. The Homizu, capabilities of Big Mom (Lingling), in real Sorusoru, harboring the soul to the inorganic and trees and the sun and clouds that do not have a life, life forms that can speak have the intention was born ..

That is Homeies. Homeies are the creatures that never defy the main, Big Mom. It does not resist or attack anyone with a Big Mom bible card. Homeies have their weaknesses. The weak point is the music that beats the soul of one of Luffy’s friends, Soul King Brook. When I listened to the music, it had an influence and in the original work, I was drawn to a very disliked place! Introducing the homeies created by Big Mom. Homies Crane Knight Randolph Noble crocodile Nitro & Rabyan King balm Temptation forest trees and flowers Candy homes Homeies such as rainbows and mountains High waves also homeies The above is the homeies created by Big Mom.

[One Piece] Three special homeies

I introduced the homeies, but there are also special homeies. That is the lower part (servant) of Big Mom . I would like to introduce you from now on!

Sun prometheus

The material is Homy’s, which was born from flames, and is on the right-hand side of the main Big Mom, who protects it. Homeies who always escort even when the Lord is sleeping. It turns out that Brook’s music doesn’t work either.

Thundercloud Zeus

The material is hommies made of a thundercloud . It always protects the left-hand side of Big Mom. When the Lord’s Big Mom is sleeping, it seems that Prometheus is in escort. Like Prometheus, Brook’s abilities do not work.

Napoleon in a dihedral hat

The material is homemade from a hat. It is a pirate hat of the main Big Mom, but in battle, it will change from a hat to a sword! Like Zeus and Prometheus, Brook’s ability doesn’t work. The above is the introduction of special homes made to protect the Big Mom.


[One Piece] What kind of character is Zeus?

Zeus usually has a very laid-back and self-paced personality, but when it comes to combat, he turns into a jet-black and laughing face, and with a very creepy smile, he attacks thunders at the enemy. Zeus at the time of battle is very cruel because he is attacking because he thinks that the enemy will not die and it will not be done! Zeus, the alter ego of the Big Mom, is a very gluttonous person, and when he sees his favorite Thundercloud, he forgets his mission and eats, so Prometheus is angry at some places! Basically, if you do not offend Zeus, Homies has a very relaxing personality !!

[One Piece] The power of Zeus who controls lightning

The sky god, Gott Enel, who has the ability to control lightning, has appeared, but Zeus is also a homey who also controls lightning. The name comes from the mythical deity Zeus. Although Enel and Zeus are manipulating lightning, Zeus is expected to have higher destructive power !! Because Zeus is a homie made by putting the soul of Mumu (Rinrin) in it, and since Mumu itself can also control the weather, if Mumu’s power and Zeus thunder are combined, it can burn up the entire universe. it might be. Zeus, which appears in mythology, is said to have the ability to burn up the entire universe, so it is expected that Zeus created by Mumm will be the same!! Zeus can of course rain, but it can also rain candy, which is candy. I’m a candy lover, and I was made from mamu, so this ability may have been added.

[One Piece] Big Cum on Zeus

Zeus has special abilities besides the ability to cause lightning and rain. It can fly in the sky with a huge body mum! In the original work, a place flying a mum is depicted. The painting is the same as the muscle cloud that appears in the cartoon Dragon Ball. Zeus is also a homey who has a role not only to protect the Mom but also to carry the Lord. Isn’t Zeus the only one who can support and carry Mom’s weight?

[One Piece] Before becoming a servant of Nami!?

In the recapture of Mr. Sanji, Zeus betrayed Mom and became the bottom of Nami. It eats the thundercloud created by Nami, and it turns out that it is much better than the thundercloud that he usually eats, and Zeus hears what Nami says, but he is scolded by Prometheus and he is in his original mission. , I went back and attacked Nami with thunder, but it was weakened by Brook’s technique, and I told Nami, ” You got me wrong… ” ” I told you I’d be another friend. not to, “I’ll hear it again …! “,” become my servant? “or die? “and was told Zeus, in the immediate answer without time to choose, it becomes the lower to Nami and says! When the Lord’s mom gets angry, I’m scared, but Nami, who doesn’t know what to do when he gets angry, is more scared.

[One Piece] What is Nami & Zeus’s attacking compatibility?

How does Zeus, who became the servant of Nami, react with Nami? Mom is the four emperors who can control the weather! Nami is also a woman who can control the weather! I think that the power of thunder is higher on Mam, but if Nami wakes up with the ancient weapon Uranus, he can hit lightning that exceeds Mam! If that happens, you may be able to control Zeus completely. The combination of Zeus and Nami is not drawn, but may it be drawn when the time comes? I want to see it soon!

[One Piece] Did Big Mom come back to get Zeus?

Zeus, the servant of Nami, came from Toddland to Wano. Zeus does not think he has betrayed the Lord’s mum. You might think so because it is Zeus’s personality. However, Mumu boarded into Wano to regain Zeus, which he made with his own soul. However, in Onigashima, he seems to have forgotten about Zeus by colliding with Kaido! Will Zeus not have to be offended by Mom? Or will it become Nami’s servant? Expected to become clear depending on future developments!!


So far, I have introduced about Zeus. You know that Zeus is a special homey made of Mom’s soul! Will Zeus become Nami’s servant without returning to Mom? And it looks like Nami is using Zeus’s power soon!! I want Dr. Oda to draw that place quickly!

[One Piece] An elephant Zunisha that wanders for 1000 years! A kingdom on a phantom island? Why keep walking in the ocean?

It was from the island of Elephant that Luffy and Momosuke decided to defeat Kaido, the Emperor of the Emperor, and set the goal of becoming Wano. The elephant island is said to be a phantom island, and it is impossible to reach it even with log pos that shows the course of the ship. It’s called Elephant Island, but it has a name.

The name is Zunisha! Zunisha is an island that appeared after the Dress Rosa edition. From there, I entered the Mamu edition and the Wano Kuni edition, and since then, they have not appeared and will not appear in the talk. I feel that it will appear when the current edition of Wano is over. This time, I would like to introduce Zunisha as a review.

[One Piece] A giant elephant that keeps walking

As I told you at the beginning, Zunisha is an elephant island that you can’t reach even if you have a logging port. So why?

If you say that you can’t reach it, Zunisha cannot reach because you are a living elephant and are constantly moving and walking in the sea. If it is an ordinary island, it does not move, so Logporte shows the position of the island, but Zunisha keeps walking and can not confirm the position and place. Therefore, log pos is useless . Luffy has arrived at Zunisha!

However, Luffy and his friends were able to get to the island of elephants because they had a mink Bepo bible card . And why is Jack, a subordinate of Kaidou, following the thundering elephant to the island of Elephant? Were you able to get there? Regarding that, Kangjuro was an insider on the Orochi side, and all the information was conveyed, so Jack was able to land on the elephant island.

[One Piece] What is the size of Zunisha?

In the middle of Zunisha’s back is the Mokomo Kingdom, a Mink country where Bepo and Carrots live. There is an outer wall around it so that the enemy can protect it to some extent even if they attack. In addition, the Mink King Duke Inuarasi patrols the country from 6 am to evening, and from the evening, the cat beetle’s husband patrols until 6 am. At one time, they were close friends, but because they couldn’t protect the main Otsuki Oden, they became a quarrel, and now they are taking turns looking around. There are many beautiful green plants in the Kingdom of Mokomo. There are no rivers around! So, how do you get water? Zunisha sucks seawater with his nose, launches it into the sky, and makes it rain. But it’s saltwater, so the plants will die? Some people think that. In the world, there are “mangroves” that grow in saltwater. The plants in the Kingdom of Mokomo are also expected to grow in the water! Did the Mink build a country on the back of the elephant? This is the only mystery! It seems that Zunisha and Mink have a deep relationship. It will become clear as the talk progresses.

[One Piece] Who could hear Zunisha’s voice?

Some people heard a voice when Zunisha spoke to him. It ‘s Luffy and Momo’s help. Luffy was the family who inherited the name of D and could hear the voices of all things, so I could hear Zunisha’s voice. Roger can hear the voices of all things, so I think he heard Zunesha’s voice when he visited the Kingdom of Mokomo. What is strange is that Momo’s assistant, who is not a member of the D family, can not only hear Zunesha’s voice but also speak to Zunesha. I thought it was only Roger and Luffy who could hear the voices of the Kings, but there was also the mermaid princess Shirahoshi. Shirahoshi can speak as well as the voices of the sea kings. Momo’s assistant has the same power as Shirahoshi, so I think I was able to talk to Zunisha.

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[One Piece] What is the reason why Zunisha keeps walking in the sea?

Zunisha keeps walking all along the sea. I don’t like to keep walking! Then why? When it comes to walking, Znysha became an elephant who was only allowed to walk as a cross because he sinned so much in ancient times. Since they are only allowed to walk, isn’t it an elephant that can survive without eating food? And it is not clear yet what sin was committed. Since he can only walk, he must have committed a very serious sin. This is expected, but Zunisha is an elephant that has been alive for 1000 years.

Thousands ago, there was a kingdom in which the D clan lived. Isn’t Zunisha the elephant who served the D family? And the war of D’s clan and the world government (Goryo, I’m) caused the world clan to destroy the clan of D, and Zunisha walks forever, dying for death against the world’s government. Isn’t it an elephant that continues? It’s just my expectation, so I’m not saying this is correct! I feel that it is close to this. I wonder if Zunisha will be guilty of any crimes at the earliest after the battle against Kaido and Orochi has ended.

[One Piece] The relationship between Momosuke and Zunisha

The detailed relationship between Momo’s assistant and Zunisha has not yet been clarified. However, Momo’s assistant is not limited to Zunisha’s voice and must not fall to Zunisha! fight! I issued an instruction. Isn’t it possible that Momo’s assistant has a mysterious power to control Zunisha? I think. Even during the work, Emon Nishiki tells me that Momo’s assistant has a mysterious power. Perhaps the mysterious power that Nishinemon said was the power to control Zunisha. Momosuke’s father, Mitsutsuki Oden, was able to read the pone glyph.

However, his son Momosuke couldn’t read Ponegriff. And when Oden visited the island of Elephant, he couldn’t hear Zunesha’s voice. I think it has something to do with what your son can hear and your parents can’t hear. It is expected that the mother, Toki Aki, had some mysterious power besides the ability of the devil’s fruit! I think that the power of Mitsutsuki and the power of Heaven are combined to create a mysterious power to help Momo.


[One Piece] Is Zunisha an entity that protects Pone Glyphs?

In the New World, there are four Lord Pone Glyphs. One is owned by the Big Emperor Shimbun (Charlotte Linlin). The second one is Kaido, the four hundred beasts. The third is in the Mokmo kingdom (Zunisha’s back), a Mink country. The fourth is said to be somewhere in the New World. When the four Lord Pone Glyphs come together, it is said that the road to Raftel, which Roger had been doing, will be opened.

And Zunisha told me that Zunisha sinned and keeps walking, but I think there is another reason. It is the Ponegurifu, I continue to walk to observe from the outside I think. To reach Elephant Island, it is impossible to reach it unless you are a Mink or have a Mink Bible Card! If you know how to get to Raftel, the world government will be in trouble! Therefore, I expected that I would continue to walk with Pone Glyphs attached to the elephant island while giving Zunisha across.

[One Piece] What is Zunisha’s theory of ancient weapons?

In the world of Luffy, there are three ancient weapons that are said to have the power to destroy the world. First, the mermaid princess Shirahoshi is known as an ancient weapon, Poseidon. Second, it is said that Nami, a navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, is the ancient weapon Uranus. The reason is that you can control the weather. Third, it is said that Princess Bibi of the Kingdom of Alabasta is an ancient weapon, Pluton. Platon’s pone glyphs are found in Alabasta. But Bibi has no power to destroy the world. Bibi affirms that there is no theory that it is Pluton. In, pluton is to say where it is off, or Zunisha is not a pluton I think. Zunisha sank Jack’s gigantic ship into the sea, swinging his nose down in half. That destructive power is an ancient weapon! Only Momo’s assistant can give instructions. Zunisha claims to be an ancient weapon. In fact, I’m a teacher who likes the theory, so I want to announce that Zunisha was an ancient weapon.


Up to this point, I have introduced Zunisha. Zunisha will not appear because it is exciting in Wano Kuni, Onigashima, but if Kaido and Orochi are successfully defeated, Zunisha will appear again!

Even if the Wano country edition is completed, the relationship between Kogetsu and Momo will continue. And I wonder if Zunisha will reveal the sins and the mysterious power of Momo’s help. Please look forward to the mystery!


How to watch Amazon Prime Video for free? 3 safe and legal methods to watch series and movies

Amazon Prime Video is a video service to watch free movies and series available that offers thousands of titles at no additional cost

Amazon Prime Video is a service to watch free movies and series created by The Internet platform offers a wide variety of titles for free to monthly or annual Amazon Prime membership. In 2017, the Android application was launched from Google Play in more than 200 countries and territories through a valid subscription to Prime Video or Amazon Prime.

It is worth mentioning that the service offers a free trial period for the first 30 days for new members, as most platforms like Netflix and Blim do.

Likewise, at the end of the free mode, the subscription fee is automatically charged to the debit or credit card, as used when registering in the Amazon Prime Video account.

Something interesting about Amazon Prime Video is that they offer a discount if the user is a student with an “edu.” Email, valid for the first six months called Amazon Prime Student.

Starting this year, Amazon offers many new features on its platform. After buying Mediaset, they will have the rights to series such as: ‘Forgive me Lord’, ‘I know who you are’, ‘The accident’, ‘The Truth’. Also all the seasons of ‘La que se avecina’, ‘Presunto Culpable’ and ‘Vis a Vis’; among others.

Here are the three free, legal, and safe ways to watch Prime Video.


Like Netflix, Blim, and other platforms, Prime Video offers the first month of its service for free. Although you must subscribe, choose a plan and register a means of payment, for the initial 30 days no debt will be charged to your debit or credit card.

After a said trial month, you can easily suspend your subscription to avoid any charge on your card, although, if you have the means, you could continue on the platform.


The most popular method to watch Prime Video is to share the password. What does the company think about this practice? He accepts it and even encourages it because it’s a direct way to reach potential subscribers. Have you ever done something similar on a platform to watch movies or series? You can do the same with this platform with the most effective way to convince someone to start paying for the service.


Many do not know, but Prime Video content can also be seen on some cable channels, although long after its launch on the platform. For example, one of the best-known series is The Big Bang Theory, Grimm, Grey’s Anatomy, Fear the Walking Dead.


Prime Video subscription has the following monthly cost per country:

  • Peru: US $ 2.99 per month (Prime)
  • Mexico: 37.41 pesos per month (Prime)
  • Spain: 1.66 euros per month (Prime)
  • United States: US $ 8.99 per month (Prime)

You can also use yes movies as a free Amazon Prime Video Alternative.

Yesmovies Streaming Site 2020: 40+ Yes Movies Alternatives | Yesmovies Review

Using streaming sites like Yesmovies is tempting. You can easily watch the latest films and series free of charge at home through the Yes Movies streaming website. But is it legally harmless and safe? Since a ruling by the United States Court of Justice at the latest, it has been legally problematic for users to watch films and series on such sites as Yesmovies.

It is tempting to be able to watch current blockbusters or top series free of charge on the Internet right after the start of the season which is precisely what these illicit streaming websites like Yesmovies along with its proxy website like Yesmovies Pz, Yesmovies.VC,,,, Yesmovies ac, Yesmovies ng, Yesmovies.hp,, and many more promote. You need to understand that all these proxies of Yesmovies are completely illegal and are not safe.

The responsible persons behind these portals like Yesmovies commit a crime as they put protected content such as films or series online without the author’s permission. Sites like Yesmovies do not usually offer the content directly, but link them, which is also illegal according to the prevailing legal opinion. So much for the operators. But what about users?

Now more than ever, please only use the legal options to provide yourself with entertainment. In addition to the fact that specialized law firms do not sleep and it is not a problem to warn you from your home office, it is also extremely unsound, at a time when cinemas, distributors, producers, actors, and technicians * facing all kinds of financial problems. Anyone who can now be found on Yesmovies and Yesmovies proxies is not only making themselves punishable under applicable United States law but is also jointly responsible for the financial emergency in which artists and creative professionals get in the worst case.

Many legal streaming providers are currently waving good deals and trial subscriptions:

  • Try Disney + for a week for free *
  • Sky Ticket: Stream at least the first month for only € 4.99 *
  • Telekom gives you the Disney + subscription for 3 or 6 months *
  • Try Join Plus + free for three months *
  • Try TVNOW free for 30 days *
  • Try Amazon Prime free for 30 days *

What Is Yesmovies Free Movie Website?

Is Streaming Yesmovies Legal? The Legal Ruling Clarifies: No!

When streaming films and series from the network, video data is cached in the cache of your end device. Before the legal ruling, a gray area was often argued, according to which this temporary storage is not yet an illegal copy within the meaning of the Copyright Act.

The legal situation has changed to the disadvantage of the users. Since the judgment of the Court of Justice of the United States, users have been obliged to check before watching a stream whether the video offered is from an illegal template.

Those who knowingly watch illegal streams face fines of up to € 150 for private individuals, plus license fees of five to ten euros per film or series episode.

As suspected by legal experts, a large wave of warnings has so far failed to materialize after the judgment. Since illegal providers mostly operate from servers abroad and do not store their users’ data, such a wave is unlikely to be expected.

Yesmovies & Movie Rulz Proxy: Free Streaming Of Films And Series Legally Or Punishable? Gray Area Of ​​Legality

Online streaming is more popular than ever – new Netflix series, TV series, and blockbusters on TV. But in addition to payment providers, cinema and TV, there are also some free dubious providers – the best known are Yesmovies & Movie Rulz Proxy – are they legal? If not, “how illegal” are they?

Cinema prices are rising, often many countries restrict the film offers through legal regulations or set the release to “from 16 or 18 years”. Many series appear only months later on the preferred streaming service or are only freely available in stores around a year after release …

The result: Many friends of the series are annoyed by this and are looking for ways out. They are found quickly. The best-known providers are Yesmovies & Movie Rulz Proxies. But how legal is this pleasure? And what can go wrong?

It is and remains a gray area …

There are always debates about the free online streaming of copyrighted payment content on the Internet. The questions are always the same: is it illegal? If so, what are the penalties?

Many blogs, news, lawyers, and judges have already dealt with it. So far, we have owed no uniform case law, but there are still clear approaches.

Yesmovies & Yesmovies Proxy – Legal Or Illegal?

When it comes to free online streaming, a distinction must be made between two providers: on the one hand, there is the provider of the copyrighted material (the video stream host) and on the other hand, there is the directory or the links to these streams (a database with link collections).

In most countries, there is no doubt about the criminal liability of the operators of these relevant sites. Linking to external content on the Internet is permitted in principle. But not if you knowingly link to illegally provided copyrighted material. From a legal point of view, each of these portals is more than just questionable.

But what about the users of such sites? Do I make myself punishable by streaming protected films and series? Basically, according to European jurisprudence, users are obliged to check the legality of the content before viewing and accessing it. Picking out your favorite series on Yesmovies & Yesmovies Proxy and then clicking through the episodes and seasons in series is anything but challenging. And that is precisely why, according to a judgment of the Court of Justice, you can no longer excuse yourself by saying “I didn’t know that the series was coming”.

Another factor that has so far played a role in most court proceedings is the temporary storage of video data in the cache of the browser or the working memory of the computer. This creates an illegal copy of the films there.

In any case, users of the dubious online streaming offers are threatened with warning fees in the higher three-digit to the mid-four-digit range – even if only one stream is viewed. However, the plaintiffs – rights holders of the content – have to prove copyright infringement and this is usually a difficult and lengthy process. Incidentally, these matters are sometimes not prosecuted. It is a matter of purely civil law.

Movierulz & Movie Rulz Proxy: These Are The Alternatives

So far, users have not yet been punished for streaming films and series, but only the operators of such portals. This can also change due to the legal judgment because the famous gray area has become a little black and white. So you should refrain from streaming on obviously illegal sites.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should use paid streaming sites, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Sky Ticket Content often in better quality. From a moral point of view, this is the safer choice anyway, as the participants are paid for their work. And then they can continue to make good films and series for you.

If you are willing to stream movies & TV series, you don’t need to stream them on shady sites like Movierulz. Today, we will manifest the best Movierulz alternatives here. This list of alternatives to Muovierulz will include legal options both paid & free streaming websites. Also, we will tell you about sites which are very similar to Movierulz. So let’s get started. 

Yesmovies & Yes Movies Proxy: These Are The Alternatives

So far, users have not yet been punished for streaming films and series, but only the operators of such portals. This can also change due to the legal judgment because the famous gray area has become a little black and white. So you should refrain from streaming on obviously illegal sites.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should use paid streaming sites, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Sky Ticket Content often in better quality. From a moral point of view, this is the safer choice anyway, as the participants are paid for their work. And then they can continue to make good films and series for you.

If you are willing to stream movies & TV series, you don’t need to stream them on shady sites like Yesmovies. Today, we will manifest the best Yesmovies alternatives here. This list of alternatives to Muovierulz will include legal options both paid & free streaming websites. Also, we will tell you about sites which are very similar to Yesmovies. So let’s get started. 

Best Paid Legal Alternative To Yesmovies & Yes Movies Proxy 

Last year Yesmovies went to a better life, one of the most used platforms to consume multimedia content, and which was accused of violating copyright. We offer you a few legal alternatives to Yesmovies so you can spend the summer watching your favorite content.


Google Play Movies and TV is Google’s service to enjoy a lot of multimedia content through streaming. In this case, it does not have a subscription system, but you will have to pay for the content you want to see, either through purchase or rental. This can be an advantage if you are not going to see a lot of content, but at the same time, it is a disadvantage for many users.

It offers a large amount of content classified by categories so you can always find what you are looking for. Its great variety makes it one of the best alternatives to Netflix. Another attractive point is that it offers you the possibility of downloading the acquired content to be able to see it without the need for the Internet.

It offers applications for Android, Chromebook, Apple iOS, Android TV, Roku, and some Smart TVs from LG and Samsung. It offers a 5.1 audio system and SD, HD and 4K / UHD resolutions.


Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular options and the reason is very simple, the service is included in the Amazon Prime subscription, which only costs 36 euros a year. This makes it the cheapest option of all, in addition to offering many other advantages such as free shipping on Amazon purchases.

Its content is not as extensive as the previous services, but it offers a large number of movies and series that will give you many hours of fun. It also offers applications for mobile devices and consoles.


Sky arrived in the second half of 2017 to become a new Netflix rival. Sky has a total of 14 channels, among which Fox, Historia, or National Geographic stand out, in addition to films and complete series such as Gomorra and a multitude of original productions.

It offers a trial period of one month, and from there you will have to pay a subscription of 6.99 euros per month, although currently, it has three-month offers for 6.99 euros, a great opportunity for the summer. Includes applications for Samsung Smart TV, Playstation, Android, and iOS.


Filmin is a streaming platform for series and movies that was born in 2006. After some problems, it became available again in 2010 and since then has won some awards such as the Time Out Award for Best Innovation Project in 2011 and the Ciutat Award from Barcelona in 2012. This service offers you more than 10,000 titles if we add movies and series.

Much of its content is available in both English and Spanish, so it will be perfect if you want to learn the language of Shakespeare, or if you prefer to watch the series and movies in their original version. It has a price of only 7.99 euros per month, which makes it one of the best options. It also offers the possibility of renting the content for 72 hours.

It offers applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung and LG televisions, and game consoles.


It can be said that iTunes Video is Apple’s version of the Google platform that we have just seen. In this case, it does not offer a flat-rate subscription either but follows a model similar to that of Google Play Movies and TV. Something to note is that it does not integrate a web player, it is necessary to download and install the iTunes client on each device.

This service stands out for the additional material it offers, which has the quality of a DVD or Blu-ray and is ideal for fans of interviews, “making of” and other similar works.


Continuing with the list of alternatives to Yesmovies to watch series and movies online, it is the turn of Kodi, an application with a function very similar to that of Popcorn.

Although the main purpose of the application is to offer a complete multimedia environment, Kodi has a multitude of sources that allow us to watch series, movies, and documentaries classified by title. It is also possible to watch TV channels from other countries, to live at radio stations.

Since the application is aimed at devices that connect to television, it does not have any type of advertising inserted. Also, it is compatible with both Android and iOS as well as Windows and macOS.

Best Free Legal Alternative To Yesmovies & Yes Movies Proxy 


On the website, you will find films whose copyright has expired and which are therefore approved by the production companies. So, of course, there are mostly older films here. For fans and cineastes, however, the site is a dream, because here you can get many classics of the 20th century in one fell swoop. Some highlights: The forefather of all zombie films “Night of the Living Dead”, the cult trash film “Plan 9 from Outer Space” and the very first Charlie Chaplin silent films.

Best Sites & Apps Alike Yesmovies To Stream Movies Online Free

Yesmovies was one of the best pages to watch movies online in has been forced to change the domain on many occasions? Today the website is blocked in most of the countries, and the truth is that Yesmovies currently does not work and does not load in most routers. The good news is that there are many alternatives to Yesmovies to watch movies, and this time we have compiled several of them.


One of the youngest pages in the list, but with one of the largest Internet catalogs. As the name itself suggests, Z-series mainly bases its content on series and documentaries, although it also has a large number of films, with a section dedicated solely to these.

The biggest advantage of the web compared to other alternatives to Yesmovies is that it hardly has advertising, so we will not have to resort to ad blockers. Added to this is that the web load is quite agile even on mobile phones, something that not all platforms can boast of.


Although its name suggests otherwise, the truth is that the web catalog does not focus exclusively on superhero series. The platform in question has dozens of series and movies that escape the aforementioned theme. The web indeed integrates a lot of advertising, but the quality of its content has nothing to envy Yesmovies and other similar pages, making it one of the best alternatives to watch online series in 2020.


Who does not know Megadede? After the closure of Yesmovies, the popular series and movie website has returned in the form of veneers with the same catalog as its predecessors. The page has the largest catalog on the entire network.

To access the web, yes, we will have to create a user account. We can also resort to the mobile application for Android, where access is possible without registration.


One of the best pages to watch series in 2020 if Yesmovies doesn’t work. And it is that in addition to having a catalog as large as that of the aforementioned website, it has many films and documentaries.

The website also has a section dedicated to the Marvel world where all the content related to action superheroes is compiled: movies, series … Unfortunately, the site has a fairly high number of advertising, which is why we will have to resort to any third-party extension.


It is not a web page, but an Android application whose content is not only focused on movies but also series, TV shows, and documentaries.

Like Yesmovies, its access is possible through a previous registration, although the application has a “guest session” that allows us to enter without creating an account.

For the rest, the application has the same options as the rest of the alternatives to Yesmovies: downloading files in MP4, viewing links without ads, creating a movie and series lists, etc.


Although it may seem the opposite, it is not the natural successor of the Yesmovies website, but rather a separate page whose interface resembles that of other pages with the same name.

Like its counterpart page, access to Ultradede is limited to accounts that must be registered through an invitation code provided by the website itself. 

As for the website’s catalog, it has nothing to envy Yesmovies, although it still lags far behind other streaming platforms.


Another alternative to Yesmovies has been forced to change its domain due to its blockade in many countries. Vidcorn is one of the longest-running online movie pages on the Internet, with a catalog comparable to that of other options.

It also has series and television programs. To see the links, however, it is necessary to go through a registration process where we will have to create a user account with which to access the web.

It is also recommended to be careful when clicking on certain links and buttons since the website has quality advertising at least questionable.


Although initially the web was oriented to offer movies, nowadays it is possible to find series and television programs through an interface very similar to that of Yesmovies. 

Like Yes Movies, it does not require registration to access web links, although careful browsing is recommended, as it has intrusive advertising and can lead to confusion with false download buttons and junk programs.


If we prefer to opt for applications instead of websites with dubious quality advertising, Popcorn Timese is a program very similar to Kodi that, unlike the latter, does not require the installation of third-party sources: the program is capable of downloading and broadcast the content directly to our mobile phone, television, tablet or computer.

Another of Popcorn Time’s great advantages over other alternatives to Yesmovies is based on the quality of its content: being based on streaming via Torrent, movies and series are shown in Full HD. The website has an exclusive catalog in English. 


We come to another alternative to Yesmovies with DixMax, a platform that copies the Megadede philosophy, forcing all its users to access prior registration.

If we talk about its content, it does not differ much from the rest, although it is worth noting the presence of movies and series. It also has an application for Android with which we can access from the mobile, although this leaves a lot to be desired.

Other Alternatives Streaming Websites To Yesmovies


Application is similar to Kodi operation that bases its content on third-party sources to add series, movies, and TV programs, which we can add from the application itself.

In addition to having an application for Windows and Mac, it is compatible with Android and iOS mobiles. It is also compatible with Chromecast if we want to broadcast the content live to our television.


Page of streaming origin that, like Yesmovies and its alternatives, centers all of its content in series, in its original version and with subtitles. No movies or feature films.

Regarding the content, the website has a catalog as immense as that of Series Danko. Like RepelisPlus, most of the series are hosted on Openload, so we can enjoy content in HD and Full HD without registering on the platform.


The recently created page that comes to replace the Yesmovies and whose content largely shares the latter.

Despite having a fairly high number of advertising, Series24 has a catalog comparable even to that of Megadede and Movirulz, as well as Pelisplus. In general, its content is found in English & Spanish. We can also enjoy it in its original version.

Best Torrent Alternatives To Yesmovies 

The well-known website Yesmovies has suffered a drop globally. At this very moment, the website does not work in any of the countries where it is available, with a message that reads “Error 503 Backend fetch failed. Backend fetch failed. Guru Meditation. XID: 938183755 ”. While waiting for those responsible to announce the reasons for the collapse of the portal, we have compiled the best alternatives to Yesmovies to download movies from torrents in 2020.


Page of recent creation and freat origin that rivals even many popular torrent sites in terms of the catalog of films. Indeed, the number of advertising present on the portal in the form of pop-up windows makes web browsing a tedious process. The good thing is that much of its content is in English and Spanish and Full HD quality.

Worth noting is the presence of various sections for 4K, 3D, and even Blue-Ray content. If we want to download series in Torrent format, however, we will have to resort to other web pages like Yesmovies.


It is the web page with the largest catalog of series and movies on the Internet. Although the web has suffered a multitude of falls throughout its history, the truth is that today it is still accessible.

Best of all, the page has hardly any advertising, except for some pop-ups in the form of ads. If we talk about its catalog, Elite Torrent has titles that range from the most recent, with premieres and undercard films, to classics. It’s a good alternate to Yesmovies.


One of the longest-running torrent download pages among Yesmovies alternatives. With more than 57,000 films, series, documentaries, live concerts, and television programs, the portal has one of the most extensive catalogs on the entire network.

The number of advertisements is so small that we can proceed with the download of a file in just a few mouse clicks. It also has a section intended to show the latest shared Torrent files to find out about the latest releases on the card.


Unlike the rest of the portals, Torrent2z is not limited to linking series and movies but has a huge catalog of all kinds of digital content among Yesmovies alternatives. Windows programs, software licenses, discographies, and a long etcetera.

Torrent2z’s biggest advantage comes from its popularity: being an international access page, we can find content from any country.


It does not need any presentation, and it is not for less since its launch more than 10 years ago today it has been proclaimed not only as of the best alternative to Yesmovies but to all Torrent and movie download portals.

Movies, TV shows, series, software, music, e-books, outdated versions of operating systems, and a long etcetera.

Since its access is blocked in practically all countries, we will have to make use of one of the following proxies :



Forced to change the domain on more than one occasion due to its multiple blockades, YTS comes as a platform with an international focus that brings together a good number of films. Unfortunately, the page lacks series: all its content focuses on feature films, short films, and films from different countries. All in different formats and qualities: Blue Ray, RIP, Full HD, HD …

Another of its disadvantages is that the web has a fairly high number of advertising, so we will have to navigate carefully when navigating between the links presented by the portal, links that will continually urge us to install a VPN application. Otherwise, downloading Torrent movies from here instead of Yesmovies is fast and safe.


Another page of general content that does not focus its catalog on series and movies, but has a whole compendium of digital resources that ranges from Windows, Mac, and Linux programs to entire seasons of some of the best-known series. The portal drinks from Torrent files hosted on other portals, such as The Pirate Bay, resembling more of a Torrent search engine than a portal itself. For this reason, the page has not been attacked by different government laws.


Looking very similar to, it has a catalog of Torrent files similar to this one.

Computer programs, movies and television series, discographies, outdated versions of operating systems, images of files in ISO format, and a host of elements that we can find in Torrent2Z.


Another of the Torrent download portals that together with The Pirate Bay and an alternate to Yesmovies, is proclaimed as one of the pages with the largest catalog of Torrent files on the entire Internet.

As a good alternative to Yesmovies which is, it has movies, series, programs, licenses, operating systems, electronic books, and, in short, any item that we want to download.

Like The Pirate Bay, it suffers a block at a global level, so we will have to use a proxy to enter the page.

We leave you with a list of the best known:



A page very similar to Elite Torrent in terms of variety and content, although with a somewhat lower catalog.

Premiere movies, latest episodes of series like Game of Thrones, full documentaries … All in English, in Full HD quality and downloadable through Torrent files through programs such as uTorrent. It’s a good alternative to Yesmovies.


As the name itself indicates, Tor Lock has a large amount of material that is shared through the Deep Web which is way larger than Yesmovies.

Material such as computer programs, movies, series, declassified television shows, and a large amount of content that we cannot find on pages like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrent.

Do not expect to find illegal and illegal content (snuff videos, deaths, violations …), since the web has filters to detect this type of files.